The idea of “the essentials”




GANDIABLASCO is today a well-known (and recognised) outdoor furniture company which, to a great extent, has managed to highlight the quality of Spanish design internationally. Gandiablasco launched "Na Xemena: a successful collection of outdoor furniture which has marked the brand’s personality to the present day. Since then, the manufacture of outdoor furniture with aluminium profiles and, the hallmark of the house, has been added to white colours,  the hallmark of the house, has been added to production of textiles. Gandiablasco products are made 100% from Spain with lifetime knowledge of Spanish craftsmanship.

The family business GANDIABLASCO, a design company with 80 years of history, founded by José Gandía Blasco in the year 1941 and reinvented by his son José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, the current President of the company, celebrated its 78th years without forgetting where it all started: a long journey that commenced with the local textile industry in Valencia back in 1941, to the design of outdoor furniture and spaces during the 1990s and which nowadays is available in more than 90 countries in the 5 continents as well as severals of its own showrooms. 78 years later, 2 generations continue to form part of the GANDIABLASCO team, José and his children Álvaro, Commercial Director and Vice President of the company, and Alejandra, Creative and Communications Deputy Director.