A firm specialised
in Outdoor Furniture

TAPIR WORKS consists of 4 co-founders who share the same passion in home decoration, aesthetics, and furniture. Having a decade of experience in the furniture industry, the co-founders see the lack of design variation in Thailand’s outdoor furniture market, and positively believe we will fulfill the quality of life to our customers. With this consent, we make a strong commitment to offering only-best-quality and refined design outdoor products as well as exceptional service to our customers. We believe to create the new world of outdoor furniture in Thailand.

With our confidence and strong will, we believe that Tapir Works will be one of the revolutionized firms who rebound the anticipating needs of outdoor furniture.

In 2018, we began with the first and foremost brand Kun Design, an outdoor furniture brand from Singapore. Kun Design embraces the definition of contemporary design with the very unique and signature pieces of furniture that can be put in any spaces. Kun Design was established by Kun Qi, who have received infinite awards around the world from his Kun Design works.

We also work with Gandia Blasco Group, a prestigious Spanish firm with close to eight decades of experience in the domestic and international contemporary design market. Gandia Blasco Group owns Gandia Blasco, Diabla, and GAN brands, a well-known outdoor furniture brands which, to a great extent, has managed to highlight the top quality of Spanish design and manufacture internationally. Products of Gandia Blasco Group are 100% made in Spain with a lifetime knowledge of Spanish craftsmanship, technique, functionality, and aesthetics.

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