Hotels & Resorts — Southern,2020


Client : The Luxury Signature
Location : Kamala, Phuket

Villa Chelay offers a one-of-a-kind scenery. The harmonic blend of the vivid blue sky, the boundless ocean and the property’s greens offer the sense of tranquility at its best. The stunning property also features relaxing living spaces, an entertainment room, a private spa as well as both indoor and outdoor dining possibilities.

Hotels & Resorts — Southern,2020


Villa Chelay is part of The Luxury Signature‘s exclusive line of premier luxury Phuket villas. The Chelay is surrounded by cashew trees that were grown by the local farmers in 1954 to make their living. Trace of the 70 years old tree can be spotted throughout the property while the fruits and leaves are used for traditional cooking today. The brand came into existence to promote rustic luxury travels with the unique identity of our traditional style architecture. The material selected for the construction is based on the “earth concept” which includes the adoption of mountain rocks, teak wood and stone rooftop.

“The color of the tint
blue sky and sea with
a harmonic blend of the
greenery offers a sense
of tranquility at its best.”

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